Rättelse från amerikansk vän

Efter min bloggpost om hur Dagen använder Facebook fick jag ett mail från Steve Johnson, som jag tog upp som exempel på hur nya läsare hittar oss.

Han ville bara räta ut en grej jag missförstått.:

Hej Emanuel,   

I read with interest your blog today (July 28) about how well Dagen is doing with Facebook. Praise the Lord. You asked in your email some weeks ago if I used Google translator to read the website. I have set myself to learn Swedish the old fashion way, with a dictionary and grammar book. As you can imagine it is a slow process and I have been tempted to cheat and use Google, but I am able to read entire sentences now without any helps. Dagen is a fine Christian endeavor to learn with. I enjoy reading the different sommarblogg stories and it feels like I am getting to know the writers on a personal level as they share their thoughts and feelings about being a Jesus follower in Sweden. Thanks for mentioning me in today’s blog.
Ha det bra,
Steve Johnson <><


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